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Leap of Faith

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Anna Morente - co-founder OTB

I have had many creative ideas over the years. I am an artist and creator at heart, a side-hustle aficionado, and the glue that holds my beautiful family together. When I have an idea, I am ALL in and work endlessly to make something a success. When Cara (the other 1/2 of OTB) floated the idea of creating an awareness apparel brand, I felt the urge to jump in like always, but something about this opportunity felt different - because it is so close to my heart. Uncharacteristically, I gave serious consideration to this project before taking the leap.

I am the mom of three amazing children. My youngest son Josh has Down syndrome. Josh was born not only with "designer genes" but with some complex medical challenges at birth. Just when my husband Joe and my children were adjusting to life with Josh (who we fell in love with at first glance) - Josh was diagnosed with leukemia at age two.

As you can see, today, Josh is a handsome and precocious 12-year-old. He is a fighter, a joker, and the light of our lives. Shouting Josh's worth and the worth of ALL people with differences has been a family affair. The support and love of our tribe have carried me through the rough patches that come with raising a child with unique and complex needs.

After thinking long and hard about taking on a small business endeavor in addition to working full-time as a middle school and college teacher, wife, mom, etc. I said a calculated YES. My "YES" was rooted in the desire for parents of special needs children to be able to shout their worth - in STYLE.

I want the world to understand that Josh is not a burden but an asset to the world, his family, and his community. Josh has taught us the true meaning of joy. Every parent should be able to communicate that joy with awareness apparel that reflects their pride, hopes, and dreams for their child.

I hope you feel joy as you wear one of our hats, t-shirts, or hoodies or give them as gifts. Every box is packed with love, and every box brings hope for a future that is inclusive and absent of bullying and stereotypes.

Maybe you have something in your life that you have been on the fence about executing. Robin Baker says it beautifully - Take the Leap. You won't regret it!

“You will receive your biggest blessings outside of your comfort zone. So get comfortable with constant change, feeling uneasy, and taking many calculated or random risks. Take a leap of faith.”

Robin S. Baker

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