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fitting in. 


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You are worthy.
You are valued.
  You are limitless.

Owtside the Box is a mom-owned clothing store inspired by our amazing kids, Josh and Mia, who happen to rock an extra 21st chromosome. (They have Down syndrome)

Our designs reflect the bond that Josh and Mia share. They fight like an old married couple, prank each other endlessly, and get married and divorced every hour. But underneath all of their hilarious antics is a deep love for one another that inspires everything we do.


We spread awareness by featuring their original artwork, graphics, and meaningful phrases on high-quality, fashionable apparel. Our pop-up shops are interactive, allowing our customers to create one-of-a-kind awareness pieces that start conversations and bust outdated narratives about disability. 


OWTSIDE THE BOX celebrates everything that makes you different. We want to be a small part of your BIG, BEAUTIFUL story. 

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